TiCad has been synonymous with uncompromising quality and stringent material, design and performance standards since 1989. TiCad strives for perfection. Our videos are designed to give you a glimpse of our perfect trolleys and the meticulous care and attention we put into their production, which involves a large number of individual manufacturing steps.

A TiCad is not just like any other trolley, a mass and factory produced product. A TiCad is and always will be unmistakably TiCad – a unique product, manufactured with a lot of love and attention to detail by hand in our titanium and leather manufactory in Germany. The two videos in our video library will give you an insight into TiCad's values and what makes TiCad what it is.

Enjoy watching these two short videos or – better still – visit one of our dealers for an in-depth, first-hand experience of our trolleys, their sheer elegance and expert workmanship.
Either of these choices will provide you with a better understanding of why we believe that a TiCad is one of the most outstanding trolleys available today in terms of cost/performance. And in case you're still wondering, that's because TiCad's are built for life. A simple equation.  Wishing you much joy with your TiCad trolley, your TiCad GmbH & Co. KG.

TiCad Product Video

TiCad Manufactory Video