Please always make sure to use care when putting your golf bag onto the bottom bag holder. We recommend not exceeding a maximum load of 16 kg for all of our TiCad trolleys. Never load your trolley with loads in excess of 18 kg for longer periods of time.

Always proceed slowly and with care when moving your trolley over rocky, uneven or potholed  ground. Avoid performing a kerb test – the trolley's drive will be grateful to you!

Your TiCad trolley has been designed and built with great care. However, should you ever notice anything unusual, please get in touch with either your TiCad dealer or us, TiCad itself. The provision of spare parts or repairs performed under warranty does not extend the warranty period. The warranty does not cover any damage that is the result of carelessness or rough handling, overloading the trolley, incorrect operation, external force, submersion in water or actions performed by unauthorised persons. Claims under the warranty will only be honoured if the information in the enclosed operating manual has been observed, the trolley has been used as specified and appropriately cared for, and has only been operated using the battery pack and charger supplied by TiCad. Technical changes and new developments do not entitle warranty holders to upgrades. The warranty period for the titanium frame and the wheels is 5 years, and for the electronic components 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover any damage to the wheel coating and wear parts such as, e.g. tyres, leather handle. Loss of battery performance does not constitute a manufacturing fault. Batteries are wear parts and are therefore subject to ageing. Ageing is furthermore affected by factors such as e.g. use, operating and storage temperature and level of charge during storage. Amongst others, one of the signs of battery ageing is an irreversible loss of capacity.

Please get in touch with either your TiCad dealer or us, TiCad itself. Please complete the service form carefully and send it to use by email, fax or post. Once received, we will be in touch immediately to let you know what to do next.

Plugging mobile devices into your TiCad trolley's power supply is only possible on the TiCad Liberty and TiCad CarboCad. Please complete the service form accordingly if you wish your trolley to be retrofitted. For more information, please take a look at our accessory range.