Nearly all of our TiCad electric trolleys can be supplied with either a dual button, twist grip or remote control. The TiCad Tango and TiCad Tango Classic are the only exceptions and available with a twist grip control only. The remote control is suitable for use with the TiCad Liberty, TiCad Goldfinger and TiCad CarboCad.

Choosing a control is primarily a matter of preference and deciding what best suits your needs.

The Read me First guide, which can be downloaded from this website, contains a detailed description of the functions of the different controls.

The control unit contains a number of fuses to protect the drives from being overloaded and to protect the battery. If the motor's rated current is exceeded, the safety switch-off function is activated and then switches off after a specific time. Occasionally, your motor may also make unusual noises if your TiCad is very heavily loaded or when moving on steep terrain.

The safety switch-off function will be activated when:

  • The wheels are blocked
  • The terrain is too steep
  • Moving very slowly with too much resistance
  • The battery is empty

When the safety switch-off activates, your golf trolley will come to a stop and the LED will flash fast. In this case, pull out the battery connector and connect it again after 5 seconds. Provided your battery has sufficient charge, you will then be able to start the trolley again.