TiCad's hand trolleys are built to last and are made of titanium, the very special metal named after the Titan's of Greek mythology by the German chemist Heinrich Klaproth in 1795. Our hand trolleys are how it all began. That is, TiCad's hand trolleys are not only the foundation of TiCad as a company, but also define the birth of the titanium class of golf trolleys.

Our hand trolleys can be divided into two types: our three wheeled push trolleys, which are designed to be pushed (TiCad Canto and TiCad Andante), and our two wheeled pull trolleys, which are designed to be pulled (TiCad Star and TiCad Pro). Many purists consider pull trolleys the most original of golf trolleys and as superior to all other types, while other golfers much prefer using push trolleys and consider them far more comfortable to use. Whatever your preference, TiCad's push and pull hand trolleys share many similarities.

One of these is that our TiCads' frames and shafts are made of high-quality titanium and that all titanium surfaces have been polished to a superior satin-finish. All of TiCads' hand trolleys also feature high-quality leather handles, low-wear solid foam tyres and distinguish themselves through their small size when folded or disassembled. Our TiCad hand trolleys are furthermore equipped with a unique flexible and removable titanium shaft.

TiCad Canto: A push trolley that embodies elegance in motion

Finely satin-finished titanium surfaces, elegant lines and details meticulously designed for a high level of comfort – meet the new TiCad Canto – and a typical TiCad at that. Weighing as little as 3.9 kilograms, this push trolley is the most lightweight three wheel trolley in TiCad's portfolio. Its extremely small packing size makes the Canto easy to fit into smaller boots such as those of a sports car, just as does the TiCad Star.

The Canto is very easy to set up and collapse thanks to its proven pivot joint and new shaft locking system. Launched in 2017, this push trolley can be set up in a matter of seconds for a relaxed round of golf. It has a height-adjustable handlebar which can be easily adjusted to any body height. The TiCad Canto's delta leather handle not only makes it easy to grip, but is suitable for both left and right-handed golfers, and can also be gripped with both hands. This also allows the Canto to be safely held when negotiating steeper terrain. The Canto furthermore features a mechanical locking brake for safely parking it on all kinds of terrain.

1,890.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with TiTec titanium wheels
1,290.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with GRP wheels

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A legend and genuine star: The TiCad Star

The TiCad Star is the classic of our TiCad hand trolleys and a genuine legend in its own right. The Star's prototype was first revealed at the Ispo 1991. In 2003, it became the first trolley worldwide (as far as we know) to be designated a "Product of Applied Arts" and to be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. The TiCad Star has become a dependable and stylish choice for innumerable golfers all over the world and continues to be one of the most attractive trolleys on the market today.

The standard features of this Star of all our trolleys are simple, and yet simple only in the sense of comprising the best. That is, the TiCad Star's frame, flexible shaft and wheels are all made of one of the strongest materials available: titanium. It furthermore features a height-adjustable handlebar with a leather handle that can be adjusted to any body height. Also, it ensures that the TiCad Star is easy to balance even when fully loaded and can be operated with utmost ease. The low weight and packing size of our legendary 'paper clip' – one of the nicknames the Star has earned for itself – have made the Star a popular choice for sports car owners, because it easily fits even into the smallest of boots.

1,990.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

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TiCad Andante – elegance and brilliance from start to finish

The TiCad Andante is a truly remarkable trolley with a sophisticated minimalist and innovative design that makes it stand out on golf courses across the world. Launched as a push trolley in 2006, the TiCad Andante is a highly interesting alternative to traditional pull and modern electric trolleys. That is, a perfect choice for golfers who appreciate the more unusual things in life.

The TiCad Andante is stunning to behold and its elegant frame and well-proportioned wheels earned it the "iF Product Design Award" in gold – the highest award in this category – in 2008. However, with a width of 70 cm and a flexible titanium shaft, the Andante is also a perfect choice in terms of robustness and ease of use, and easily capable of negotiating all kinds of fairway terrain. The Andante features GRP wheels, but can also be fitted with TiTec titanium wheels – whatever your preference. The TiCad Andante is a stunning trolley, regardless of type of wheels, and is guaranteed to provide many years of pleasure.

1,890.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with TiTec titanium wheels
1,290.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with GRP wheels

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TiCad Pro – exacting engineering at its best

Just as implied by this exacting trolley's name, the TiCad Pro has been designed with professional-level use in mind. That means: Its universal frame geometry allows it to be used both as a push and pull trolley, which makes it perfect for carrying the heavy tour golf bags used by professionals and aspiring pros. This exceptional trolley can furthermore be customised for use with bags with non-standard dimensions and to suit any particular body height.

The TiCad Pro can be set up in a matter of seconds and just as quickly taken apart to its tiny packing size of just 66 x 32 x 14 cm – perfect for just about any boot. The firm-fix connection specially developed by TiCad for this purpose is completely rattle-free and extremely stable. However, there are a few more things yet that make the Pro a true professional. This includes its titanium frame and flexible, removable titanium shaft and GRP wheels, as well as incredibly low weight of just 3.7 kilogram. A whole lot of pro features in one go!

TiCad Pro 1,090.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with GRP wheels
TiCad Pro 1,490.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with TiTec titanium wheels

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The advantages and features of our TiCad push and pull trolleys at a glance:

  • Titanium frames and wheels (most trolleys) and removable, flexible titanium shafts
  • Indestructible exterior thanks to a high-quality, restorable satin finish
  • High-quality leather handle
  • Low-wear solid foam tyres
  • Extremely solid and stable
  • Locking brake (on all three wheel hand trolleys)
  • Engraved name (included with all trolleys)
  • Solid and stable bag holder (except for TiCad Star, which features a special one)
  • Premium-quality bag fastening straps
  • Extremely easy to use and handle
  • Very small pack size
  • Built to last – a trolley for life