Our TiCad Goldfinger – at home in the golf world

  • Unparalleled, simple elegance

    TiCad Goldfinger is an especially aesthetically pleasing electric trolley with a titanium frame and glass-fibre reinforced plastic wheels (GRP). The design of its frame speaks of effortless grace and harmony and is based on that of the TiCad Pro, while its technical features are inspired by the TiCad Liberty. The black GRP wheels and elegant titanium frame form a perfect unit. The recipient of two highly prestigious design awards and – of far greater importance – deeply appreciated by countless golf enthusiasts all over the world, honour this electric golf trolley for its unparalleled minimalist and simple elegance.


  • Exacting design for maximum satisfaction

    Our TiCad Goldfinger is available with either a button or twist grip control handle, both of which have an automatic distance control. The Goldfinger has two optional drives with a differential and is fitted with our proven electric downhill brake for slowing down the trolley when walking downhill. It also features an electromagnetic parking brake and mechanical freewheel function that ensures that the Goldfinger can be comfortably pushed just like a hand trolley, thus perfectly rounding off the impressive range of features of this classic electric trolley. To put it in a nutshell: The Goldfinger – designed for everyday golfing satisfaction.

  • That's our Goldfinger: Extremely sturdy and yet so easy to take apart...

    Firm-fix are couplings that have been specially developed by TiCad and are a standard feature on all of our TiCads that can be disassembled. They are extremely sturdy and have zero backlash. Thanks to these couplings, the TiCad Goldfinger can be quickly set up and taken apart, stored in individual parts and easily transported. The third firm-fix coupling on the TiCad Goldfinger makes it possible to pack this ingenious trolley to a size of just 67 x 32 x 16 cm, which makes it easily fit into any sports car boot.

  • Included with your Goldfinger: Your own transport bag

    For ultimate convenience, we have also designed a perfect TiCad-look transport bag for storing your Goldfinger when taken apart. This minimalist case is made of extremely durable nylon fabric and included with every one of our TiCad Goldfingers. The bag's foam inlay protects the trolley's parts from contacting each other and hence from becoming damaged during transport. The Goldfinger – every detail covered.

  • Perfectly designed for adding your personal touch

    The TiCad Goldfinger has been specially designed to be customised in whatever way best serves your needs. That is, it can be upgraded choosing from a wide range of optional extras: TiTec titanium wheels as an alternative to the basic model's GRP wheels, the powerful sports drive, the sport or flight battery and convenient car charger, special bag holders, remote control; scorecard, universal smartphone and GPS holder, the Support-Kit and Easy Zeisings, umbrella holder and umbrella, golf stool and special leather handle – take your pick.

Our TiCad Goldfinger e-trolley – Luxury class design

The TiCad Goldfinger was launched in 2005 and won two of the most coveted design awards as little as three years later: The iF Material Design Award 2006 and the 2008 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. Both of these awards are a clear testimony to this electric trolley's strengths and singular design which puts it in a class of its own. The TiCad Goldfinger is a real feast for the eyes and one of the most technologically sophisticated e-trolleys on the market worldwide.

However, our TiCad Goldfinger is also an excellent choice when it comes to range of functions, convenience, standard features and price/performance ratio. Fitted with our proven firm-fix couplings, which are based on a plug-in principle, the Goldfinger is very easy to both set up and take apart. Both of which can be done in a matter of seconds thanks to this dependable technology, which is also maintenance free and guarantees that there is absolutely no backlash between the individual parts of the Goldfinger's frame.
The Goldfinger is supplied with a lithium ion-battery that holds sufficient power for a minimum of 27 holes and is supplied with a matching charger. The battery and electronic components come with a 2-year warranty and the frame and wheels with a 5-year one.
The basic version of the TiCad Goldfinger is equipped with GRP wheels, but can be upgraded to TiTec titanium wheels. So as to allow you to get the most out of your golfing exploits, the Goldfinger can either be supplied with a button or twist grip control handle with automatic distance control (10 and 20 metres). As an alternative, you can also control your TiCad Goldfinger with a remote control. But before that, treat yourself to a TiCad Goldfinger – that's the first and most important choice!


2006: The highly sought-after "iF Material Design Award"

2008: "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany"

  • "... The TiCad Goldfinger is a remarkably sophisticated and attractive trolley that is bound to be a pleasure to own and use. The perfect trolley to have by your side and negotiate fairway terrain..." Golf Post, 2017


  • "... 2005 was the year the TiCad Goldfinger made golfers hearts around the world beat faster. In particular golfers who travel a lot and have limited but still like to carry their own golf trolley with them when travelling. The TiCad Goldfinger Compact continues to be one of the most compact and easiest to store electric titanium golf trolleys worldwide..." Auer-Power Golfshop

Product details and technical data

TiCad Goldfinger

Frame made of titanium wheels made of GRP
Leather handle
Button or twist grip control with automatic distance control (10 and 20 meters)
Electromagnetic parking brake
Freewheel function for maximum ease when pushing
Mounting for umbrella holder
Name engraving
Transport bag with foam inlay (78 x 41 x 16 cm), included as standard
Lithium ion-battery (1.2 kg, range at least 27 holes) and battery charger
Pack size: 67 x 32 x 16 cm
Frame dimensions: 67 x 28 x 16 cm
Weight of frame and wheels: 6.2 kg

TiCad Goldfinger with GRP wheels: 4,090.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
TiCad Goldfinger with TiTec titanium wheels: 4,690.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Upgrade to sports drive 99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

TiCad Goldfinger Accessories

The sports drive with even more power

In addition to focussing on providing extra quiet motors, TiCad also added an especially high-torque drive to its product range in 2017. This sports drive is even more powerful than TiCad's standard drives and will propel your trolley effortlessly even up very steep slopes.


Surcharge on new trolley purchase: 99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


Quality matters – especially for your game

Here at TiCad, quality is crucial to our products and your game. This is why we have specialised in the production of titanium trolleys – an extremely sophisticated, strong and lightweight metal – which we use throughout our trolleys, including the wheels. TiCad's high-end wheels are easily recognised by their three titanium spokes, which allow trolley connoisseurs to spot our trolleys even from afar (even though there are also a fair few TiCad imitations by now).
Our titanium wheels not only have a unique and ascetically pleasing design, but are also extremely sturdy and very light. Every one of our TiTec wheels is still produced by hand using a number of elaborate production and quality assurance steps and a production procedure specially developed by TiCad. We haven't quite reinvented the wheel – but have definitely made it more aesthetically pleasing.


Set of TiTec titanium wheels: 900.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
If purchased together with a new trolley: 600.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


A battery that will keep you flying: The TiCad flight battery

High-quality lithium ion-battery comprising 2 mechanically separated batteries, with 92.9 Wh each inside one housing, for safe transport on airplanes. When fully charged, this battery has a range of 18 holes (185.8 Wh); weight 1.4 kg.

Available as a package incl. charger: 649.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Battery without charger : 599.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Surcharge on new trolley purchase:  149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Available for TiCad Liberty and TiCad Goldfinger.


The TiCad flight battery must only be used in conjunction with the charger included in the delivery Both devices are equipped with a gray ring labeled on the connector and can therefore be allocated correctly. Airlines can adopt rules deviating from the IATA regulations. Therefore, a possibility exists that a battery can be denied shipment, despite conforming to IATA regulations. For this reason, TiCad cannot accept full guarantee for proper shipment. Please refer to your reference notes for further information.


  • "...TiCad technology innovation – taking your e-trolley battery with you on-board planes wherever your golfing exploits may take you." Golf Post, 2016


Give yourself a treat – TiCad's 36-hole sport battery

High-quality lithium ion-battery with an even greater battery range of at least 36 holes when fully charged (300.4 Wh); weight 2 kg.

Available as a package incl. charger: 649.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Battery without charger: 599.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Surcharge on new trolley purchase: 149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
Surcharge for radio receiver: 89.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Available for TiCad Liberty and TiCad Goldfinger.

Our car charger

This convenient car charger allows you to easily charge your electric trolley while stored in your car's boot from the boot's 12V power supply socket.*

129.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

* Please note that charging your battery very frequently or over extended periods of time can cause your vehicle's battery to fully discharge.

Suitable for all TiCad trolleys, except TiCad's flight battery.

Universal smartphone holder

Our new universal TiCad holder for smartphones is suitable for use with nearly any cell phone and can be easily and comfortably fastened to your TiCad. The holder can be adjusted to an angle that works best for you and the rubber holder, which will hold your phone by its four corners, perfectly fits around nearly every type of device and keep a secure grip of your phone no matter the terrain. The contact area, which is made of domed TiCad design polyurethane resin, provides extra protection. This ensures that your device will be perfectly protected from any scratches.
When it comes to GPS', we still recommend to our customers to attach them using their own holders, because GPS' tend to be heavier and need to be fitted higher than phones and will only be truly secure in GPS-specific cradles.


119.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


The scorecard holder for golf titans

Just as all of our products, we have put a fair bit of thought into the design of this scorecard holder to make it as convenient and practical as possible. The elegant titanium holder features a rain cover made of black plastic and can hold a pen, three tees and two balls. Smart and convenient, this scorecard holder will also make a wonderful gift for TiCad enthusiasts.


149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Scoring in style – the TiCad scorecard case

The TiCad scorecard case (dimensions: 11 x 16 x 0.3 cm) made of waterproof Nappa leather will protect your scorecard from getting wet, bending, dog-ears and dirt. Not to mention of course that it perfectly matches our scorecard holder. All of which make it yet another great gift idea.


99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

May the force be with you: TiCad's remote control

Our remote control is a little reminiscent of a Star Wars Jedi lightsaber, but – we promise – has a significantly greater range. The TiCad remote control is extremely convenient for golfers with great ambitions and can be used to start, stop and comfortably make your trolley move in any direction you want. It has a range of approx. 100 meters and an integrated safety switch-off function to make sure that your trolley won't take off on its own. A fantastic accessory for expanding your range of options and suitable for use with three of our electric trolleys* – including as a retrofit. May the force be with you.


349.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Surcharge on new purchase
799.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Price for retrofitting (new battery with a receiver and transmitter as a package)
313.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Surcharge on repeat order of hand-held transmitter (e.g. on theft)

* Available for TiCad CarboCad, TiCad Goldfinger and TiCad Liberty.

  • „This first class, minimalist design remote control will allow you to comfortably start, stop and get your TiCad trolley to move left or right from a distance of up to 100 metres. The elegant remote control's leather corpus features an integrated mirco USB charging port for its long-life battery."  Golf Magazin, 01.01.2017

Better safe than sorry: The new TiCad anti-theft device

As we all know, taking the wrong battery from a golf bag or e-trolley is an easy mistake to make and, unfortunately, batteries stored in this way are also completely unprotected against theft. Replacing these batteries, especially more powerful lithium ion-batteries, can be quite costly indeed.

This new safety kit from TiCad will allow TiCad e-trolley and fleet operators to protect their trolley batteries from being mixed up and from theft. This practical device is made of high-quality stainless steel, effectively locks around the battery holder and, thanks to being lockable, can only be removed with force.

This ensures that your battery will stay where it belongs: on your trolley. It is particularly popular with electric golf trolley hire operators for added peace of mind. The TiCad anti-theft protection is currently suitable for use with the TiCad Goldfinger and TiCad Liberty.


49.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


Golf Umbrella Classic

The TiCad Golf Umbrella Classic offers reliable protection in any weather. It scores with low weight and reliable stability.

Umbrella diameter: 130 cm
Handle diameter: 36 mm

79.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
*UV protection factor 50+ and TÜV certified


Golf Umbrella Windbuster

The Golf Umbrella Windbuster has a double cover with ventilation slots. These ensure that the glider remains stable even in strong winds.

Umbrella diameter: 130 cm
Handle diameter: 36 mm

99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
*UV protection factor 50+ and TÜV certified


The TiCad umbrella holder

In keeping with TiCad's general design, our umbrella holder is made of polished titanium tube and fitted with an aluminium rod. The umbrella holder is available in two different lengths and diameters to make sure that your umbrella's height allows you to comfortably walk and stand under your umbrella without having to bend. The 45 mm thick titanium tube (43 mm internal diameter) is also suitable for use with golf umbrellas with a thicker handle, such as, e.g. the new TiCad Windbuster. The umbrella can be easily taken out of its holder and protected from being lifted by gusts with the aid of a fastening strap.

The TiCad umbrella holder is suitable for use on all 3-wheel TiCad trolleys, i.e. for every trolley except the TiCad Star and TiCad Pro.

Our umbrella holder is available in the following versions:

  • 36 mm internal diameter, 305 mm long
  • 43 mm internal diameter, 305 mm long
  • 36 mm internal diameter, 390 mm long
  • 43 mm internal diameter, 390 mm long

119.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


A genuine eye-catcher: The new leather-covered TiCad umbrella holder

One of the things you will most definitely not be able to do with TiCad's new leather covered umbrella holder is to go unnoticed. That's because this umbrella holder is simply designed to stand out, and will do so in particular when choosing a leather and yarn colour combination to match that of our custom-made TiCad leather handle. All of which will just serve to underline the simple fact that your golf trolley is truly unique.

The TiCad umbrella holder is suitable for use on all 3-wheel TiCad trolleys, i.e. for every trolley except the TiCad Star and TiCad Pro.

Our umbrella holder is available in the following versions:

  • 36 mm internal diameter, 305 mm long
  • 43 mm internal diameter, 305 mm long
  • 36 mm internal diameter, 390 mm long
  • 43 mm internal diameter, 390 mm long


229.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


TiCad golf stool – a super solid seat for all occasions

This golf stool features a polished titanium frame and seat made of fast-drying mesh fabric. Designed to provide a maximum of stability irrespective of type of ground and suitable for attaching to any of our TiCad trolleys with the exception of the TiCad Star, Pro and CarboCad.

Product details and technical data

Material: titanium, aluminium, nylon, plastic

Ø seat: 44 cm

Seat height: 55 cm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Load capacity: max. 120 kg


299.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


Titan for smokers

Stylish and luxurious accessory for smokers: The titanium ashtray for clipping to your golf bag This ashtray's height and slim shape protects golfers from the unwelcome phenomena of being showered in ash – even in heavy winds. This allows golfers to enjoy their cigarettes or cigars fully at their leisure.


89.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

The TiCad cigars holder

"Golf is probably the only sport you can do while smoking a cigar."

Smoking during a game of golf has been made acceptable in the world of golf in particular by the golf pro Miguel Angel Jimenez. Hence, you are not the only one who loves combing the pleasures of luxurious aromas with that of carefully planning and executing your next swing.
Always on the lookout for ways to enhance your golfing experience, TiCad has developed this elegant cigars holder that will securely hold your cigar while you play. Developed by TiCad, the holder is of course made of titanium and can be fastened to your trolley simply by fastening the attached thread inside the umbrella holder mount. Designed with perfection in my, this minimalist holder will perfectly blend in with your TiCad trolley's design.
This holder can, by the way, be combined with the titanium ashtray designed for clipping to your golf bag. Both of these items are suitable for use with all TiCad trolleys.


149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

  • "This cigar holder's minimalist design makes it blend in perfectly with TiCad's timeless style and adds yet another touch of sophistication to any of TiCad's trolleys. Used together with the titanium ashtray designed for attaching to your golf bag, it will enhance every cigar-appreciating golfer's golfing experience.“ GOLFTIME, 01.05.2017

The TiCad Easy Zeising – the easiest to use TiCad fastening strap ever since

Our TiCad Easy Zeising makes securing your golf bag on your trolley more easy still than ever before. The design of our fastening straps has been inspired by the type of fasteners used in sailing, where they are well known for their effectiveness. They are stylish, elegant and, more importantly, are extremely easy to fasten.


39.- EUR/piece (RRP incl. VAT)

Available for the following models:
TiCad Pro (2 x)
TiCad Andante (2 x)
TiCad Canto (2 x)
TiCad Tango (1 x)
TiCad Tango Classic (1 x)
TiCad Goldfinger (2 x)
TiCad Liberty (2 x)


TiCad golf trolley Support-Kit: For making it even easier to set your trolley up, take it apart and fasten your bag

This TiCad Support-Kit includes a range of equipment for making it easier to adjust your drawbar, to fasten the wheels with an enlarged gripping surface of the knurled sleeve and our innovative Easy Zeising – for even greater convenience. Clever and expertly designed, these useful gadgets make setting up and taking apart your trolley child's play – even for people with reduced mobility in their hands.

Björn Hillesheim, TiCad's managing director: "Our mission is to produce products that allow golfers to derive maximum satisfaction and enjoyment from their games. This includes making our equipment as easy and comfortable to use as can be. Our innovative Support-Kit allows golfers to set up and take apart their TiCad trolleys with an even greater level of ease – even with tired hands after a long round of golf."

The individual components contained in our Support Kit can also be purchased and fitted on their own.


  • "... TiCad is now offering a convenient Support-Kit for certain TiCad models. (...) These clever features make setting up and taking the trolley apart child's play – even for people with reduced mobility in their hands..." Golf aktuell, 01.06.2017

  • "This TiCad Support-Kit includes a range of equipment for making it easier to fit your handlebar, plus extra-large sliding collars for the wheel mount and the innovative Easy fastener – for even greater convenience." Golfweek, 09.06.2017

Custom-made leather handles – elegance in action

The premium-quality leather for our handles is sourced from German cattle and hand-selected by our expert internal TiCad leather production workshop staff. Once processed and dyed, these hides are turned into handle covers by hand using a range of traditional leather working methods that systematically avoid the use of machines as much as possible. The results are unique, weather resistant, extremely strong, durable and – above all – heavenly soft leather handles for our trolleys.

TiCad stopped fitting its trolleys with standard leather handles – as customary in the industry – in 2016. That's because, that year, we acquired and integrated our long-term leather manufacturing partner Richard Kräuter from Heusenstamm in Germany into our company. This in turn put us in a position not only to ensure that our leather handles continue to be of a unique quality, but also to offer them in a wide range of variations.

Never been able to choose a colour of your choice for your trolley's handle and yarn before? Well, that's about to be a thing of the past! Because, as of today, TiCads' are available with any colour handles you desire.

This also applies to very special leather colours used in combination with unusual yarn colours. Give your imagination free reign and let us know your preferred colour combination! Artisan workmanship - truly unique products.
If you would like your golf trolley to be a genuine one of a kind, why not simply get in touch and let us help you choose your perfect colour combination. TiCad – fully in control, especially when it comes to special customisation requests.


99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Customised leather handle

29.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Standard leather handle with customised decorative stitching (surcharge)

Your trolley – your name

All of our TiCad trolleys (with the exception of the TiCad Tango) are supplied with a name engraving. That is, your TiCad will bear your name, making it unmistakably yours and part of your family.


39.- EUR* (RRP incl. VAT) for a customised name engraving  

* Surcharge for TiCad Tango


Engraving your TiCad with an elegant signature, logo, symbol, coat of arms or motto will add yet another very personal touch to your trolley experience. When it comes to pursuing that route, we are here and, together with our graphic designers, happy to help you find the perfect solution for your TiCad and you.

99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) for a customised engraved signature, logo, symbol, coat of arms or motto.

Transport bags

Custom-made for each model – so that you can place your TiCad quickly and securely into the bag. Maximum comfort in packing and unpacking, minimum dimensions for transport and storage. Made of very durable material, in the accustomed TiCad look, premium and discreet.
The transport bag is included as part of the standard equipment when buying a trolley (except for the TiCad Tango).

Transport bag for Price in EUR*
TiCad Star/ Pro 119,-
TiCad Canto 119,-
TiCad Andante (with foam insert) 199,-
TiCad Tango, Tango Classic, CarboCad 189,-
TiCad Goldfinger (with foam insert) 199,-
TiCad Liberty 189,-

*Price for subsequent purchase of the bag

TiCad Goldfinger transport bag: Perfect for your next golf holiday

This transport bag (78 x 41 x 16 cm) has been specifically designed for TiCad Goldfinger, is made of extremely sturdy black nylon and features a robust foam inlay for protecting the individual components from transport damage – perfect for air travel.


199.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Transport bag XS for TiCad Goldfinger (Special Version)

If you are the proud owner of a TiCad Goldfinger and of a sports car and love flexibility and travel, then this special XS-size golf bag is for you! Specially designed to fit into the boots of the cars produced by the most well-known German sports car manufacturer based in Zuffenhausen, it only measures 70 x 40 x 18.5 cm. The bag's flexible divisions allow you to securely fasten all of the frame sections of your trolley inside ready for being taken out and for action whenever you are.

199.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Special bag holders

Every one of our TiCad trolleys (with the exception of the TiCad Star) can be supplied with bag holders for golf bags that are extraordinary. This is especially good news for golfers who own golf bags with club organisers or more sporty standing bags. Our special bag holders are available in three different heights and include a special model for a standing bag.

149.- EUR* (RRP incl. VAT)
* When buying a new trolley inclusive in exchange.


Bag type Dimensions
Standard golf bags Length 80 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Mediumsized golf bags Length 76.5 – 79 cm or 83 – 86 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Long golf bags Length 73 – 76 cm or 86.5 – 89.5 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Stand bags Optimal support surface for almost all stand bags