All of TiCad's electric trolley frames and shafts, as well as most of their wheels, are made of high-quality titanium and distinguish themselves through their extremely high level of stability, lightweight construction and small size when folded or disassembled. Our TiCads' satin finish – which is TiCad's standard finish, with the exception of TiCad Tango – means that the surfaces of our electric caddy's can be easily cleaned and restored to their original finish.

All TiCad electric trolleys feature high quality leather handles and low-wear solid foam tyres, as well as extremely stable bag holders. Our bag holders are equipped with premium-quality fastening straps for holding your golf bag securely in place. All of our electric trolleys furthermore have their owner's name engraved on their frame (with the exception of TiCad Tango) as standard. Our TiCad Goldfinger, TiCad Tango Classic and TiCad Liberty are all equipped with a built-in electromagnetic parking brake for ultimate safety and 100% braking power no matter what the terrain.
They are also equipped with an integrated motor brake that ensures that they will move at an even speed when moving downhill. Added to that, they also feature an auto advance function (timer controlled), and a mechanical and automatic free wheel function that makes them as easy to push as a hand trolley and allows you to cover both short and long distances without having to resort to your battery's power as and when needed. Not to forget: TiCad trolley batteries are stored in a special battery holder and they are also equipped with an an adjustable holder for securely mounting your umbrella.

TiCad Liberty: Our number one titanium class trolley

The TiCad Liberty is our highest rated electric trolley. Uncompromising design at its best and fully featured. With a titanium frame and wheels for the perfect finish.

The TiCad Liberty features a pivot joint that allows it to be set up and folded in a matter of seconds, and a handlebar that can be adjusted to any body height. Its classic lines and exclusive design emphasise the Liberty's sophisticated design heritage – recognised in 2003 when it won the renowned iF Design Award for Product Design. Because, just as Oscar Wilde once said, with some things in life and for those with simple tastes, the only thing that will do is the best.

4,790.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

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A new classic: The TiCad Tango Classic

The TiCad Tango instantly inspired surprise and excitement when it was first launched. The new TiCad Tango Classic is the next generation and top-end Tango – as progress would have it.

The TiCad Tango Classic has all of the Tango's well-known virtues and a number of additional and highly attractive features. These include a satin-finish, titanium wheels and an electromagnetic parking brake, to name but the most important ones. Sparked your interest? Then why not take a closer look.

4,490.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

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TiCad Goldfinger – in a class of its own

The TiCad Goldfinger is a perfect example of high-end engineering and minimalist design making it a perfect choice. Launched in 2005, his versatility has earned this outstanding trolley credits in homes virtually all over the world.

And no matter where it makes an appearance, the Goldfinger is never far from applause: In 2006, it won the iF Material Design Award, and in 2008 the "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany" for its minimalist, elegant and timeless design.
The Goldfinger's frame is made of titanium, which is both an extremely strong as well as very light material, hence giving it a weight of just five and a half kilograms. The TiCad Goldfinger's firm-fix connections ensure that it can be quickly and easily set up, taken apart and transported. Owning a TiCad Goldfinger is truly a case of having struck gold!

4,690.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with TiTec titanium wheels
4,090.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT) with GRP wheels

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TiCad Tango – peppy & spirited – lets tango!

Our entry-level TiCad – an affordably priced, highly spirited and full blooded offering from our TiCad range. And it is not for no reason that the TiCad Tango won the highly sought-after 2013 Reddot Design Award: TiCad Tango captivates not only with its spirited design, but also the superb ease with which it can be handled.

It can be set up quickly with a simple twist of the convenient pivot joint and taken down and put into a boot just as quickly and easily again. The TiCad Tango features GRP wheels and a titanium frame that has been finely sandblast finished. It also has a twist grip control handle, which makes it extremely easy to control. The handle is hand-sewn out of finest, solid-coloured German leather. The minimalist and sophisticated Tango is the perfect workhorse for golfers who want to be fully able to concentrate on nothing but their game alone.

3,190.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

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The advantages of our TiCad electric trolleys at a glance:

  • Titanium frames and wheels (with the exception of the TiCad Tango and TiCad Goldfinger, for which titanium wheels are only available as an optional extra)
  • Near indestructible surface finish, which – thanks to its satin finish – can be easily restored to its original glory (standard feature with the exception of TiCad Tango)
  • Extremely high-quality leather handles
  • Low-wear solid foam tyres, rim-fitted
  • Extremely solid and stable
  • Name engraving included (as an extra for TiCad Tango)
  • Solid and stable bag holders
  • High-quality bag fastening straps
  • Extremely easy to use and handle
  • Folds very small