Safety Kit

Better safe than sorry: The new TiCad anti-theft device

As we all know, taking the wrong battery from a golf bag or e-trolley is an easy mistake to make and, unfortunately, batteries stored in this way are also completely unprotected against theft. Replacing these batteries, especially more powerful lithium ion-batteries, can be quite costly indeed.

This new safety kit from TiCad will allow TiCad e-trolley and fleet operators to protect their trolley batteries from being mixed up and from theft. This practical device is made of high-quality stainless steel, effectively locks around the battery holder and, thanks to being lockable, can only be removed with force.

This ensures that your battery will stay where it belongs: on your trolley. It is particularly popular with electric golf trolley hire operators for added peace of mind. The TiCad anti-theft protection is currently suitable for use with the TiCad Goldfinger and TiCad Liberty.


49.95 EUR (RRP incl. VAT)