Remote control

May the force be with you: TiCad's remote control

Our remote control is a little reminiscent of a Star Wars Jedi lightsaber, but – we promise – has a significantly greater range. The TiCad remote control is extremely convenient for golfers with great ambitions and can be used to start, stop and comfortably make your trolley move in any direction you want. It has a range of approx. 100 meters and an integrated safety switch-off function to make sure that your trolley won't take off on its own. A fantastic accessory for expanding your range of options and suitable for use with three of our electric trolleys* – including as a retrofit. May the force be with you.


349.95 EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Surcharge on new purchase
799.95 EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Price for retrofitting (new battery with a receiver and transmitter as a package)
314.95 EUR (RRP incl. VAT) Surcharge on repeat order of hand-held transmitter (e.g. on theft)

* Available for TiCad CarboCad, TiCad Goldfinger and TiCad Liberty.

  • „This first class, minimalist design remote control will allow you to comfortably start, stop and get your TiCad trolley to move left or right from a distance of up to 100 metres. The elegant remote control's leather corpus features an integrated mirco USB charging port for its long-life battery."  Golf Magazin, 01.01.2017