Holders & cases

Keeping track of your score: the new scorecard bag

Our new scorecard bag means that you can now have your personal golf kit within easy reach no matter what. This handmade bag has sufficient space for storing three golf balls and tees, a scorecard and pen. It also has an unobtrusive compartment for storing your cell phone, valuables, money and keys. The side of the bag holding the scorecard has furthermore been reinforced to give it sufficient rigidity for use as a support when writing down your scores.
The bag comes in timeless black and is easy to clip onto the drawbar, making sure that your valuables are always safe and nearby. A valuable accessory for golfers and TiCad enthusiasts.


149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)
179.- EUR, with engraving (RRP incl. VAT)


The scorecard holder for golf titans

Just as all of our products, we have put a fair bit of thought into the design of this scorecard holder to make it as convenient and practical as possible. The elegant titanium holder features a rain cover made of black plastic and can hold a pen, three tees and two balls. Smart and convenient, this scorecard holder will also make a wonderful gift for TiCad enthusiasts.


149.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Scoring in style – the TiCad scorecard case

The TiCad scorecard case (dimensions: 11 x 16 x 0.3 cm) made of waterproof Nappa leather will protect your scorecard from getting wet, bending, dog-ears and dirt. Not to mention of course that it perfectly matches our scorecard holder. All of which make it yet another great gift idea.


99.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Universal smartphone holder

Our new universal TiCad holder for smartphones is suitable for use with nearly any cell phone and can be easily and comfortably fastened to your TiCad. The holder can be adjusted to an angle that works best for you and the rubber holder, which will hold your phone by its four corners, perfectly fits around nearly every type of device and keep a secure grip of your phone no matter the terrain. The contact area, which is made of domed TiCad design polyurethane resin, provides extra protection. This ensures that your device will be perfectly protected from any scratches.
When it comes to GPS', we still recommend to our customers to attach them using their own holders, because GPS' tend to be heavier and need to be fitted higher than phones and will only be truly secure in GPS-specific cradles.


119.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


Frame-integrated power supply

For even greater convenience, we can also fit your TiCad Liberty with an integrated power supply for your smartphone or GPS. To do so, we will integrate the associated wiring into the frame of your TiCad Liberty, helping you to stay connected and in charge with not a single unsightly cable in sight.

Only available for TiCad Liberty.


169.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)