Bags & bag holders

Transport bags

Custom-made for each model – so that you can place your TiCad quickly and securely into the bag. Maximum comfort in packing and unpacking, minimum dimensions for transport and storage. Made of very durable material, in the accustomed TiCad look, premium and discreet.
The transport bag is included as part of the standard equipment when buying a trolley (except for the TiCad Tango).

Transport bag for Price in EUR*
TiCad Star/ Pro 119,-
TiCad Canto 119,-
TiCad Andante (with foam insert) 199,-
TiCad Tango, Tango Classic, CarboCad 189,-
TiCad Goldfinger (with foam insert) 199,-
TiCad Liberty 189,-

*Price for subsequent purchase of the bag

TiCad Liberty transport suitcase: Efficient, secure and perfect for your next golfing trip

This transport suitcase (76 x 77 x 9 cm) has been specifically designed for the TiCad Liberty, is made of extremely sturdy black nylon and features a robust inlay – perfect for air travel. The case is designed for holding your entire trolley, plus battery and charger, and all of your accessories, such as scorecard case and umbrella holder. Only suitable for TiCad Liberty models built 2006 and later with removable bag holders.

269.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


TiCad Goldfinger transport bag: Perfect for your next golf holiday

This transport bag (78 x 41 x 16 cm) has been specifically designed for TiCad Goldfinger, is made of extremely sturdy black nylon and features a robust foam inlay for protecting the individual components from transport damage – perfect for air travel.


199.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Transport bag XS for TiCad Goldfinger (Special Version)

If you are the proud owner of a TiCad Goldfinger and of a sports car and love flexibility and travel, then this special XS-size golf bag is for you! Specially designed to fit into the boots of the cars produced by the most well-known German sports car manufacturer based in Zuffenhausen, it only measures 70 x 40 x 18.5 cm. The bag's flexible divisions allow you to securely fasten all of the frame sections of your trolley inside ready for being taken out and for action whenever you are.

199.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)

Three in one: The transport bag for the TiCad Tango, Tango Classic and CarboCad

This transport bag is not far from being truly universal, because it is already suitable for use with the TiCad Tango, the Tango Classic and the TiCad CarboCad. Designed to allow you pack up your TiCad quickly and securely while making sure that it is packed small for transport and storage no matter where you go. This transport bag has been made from an extremely robust and durable dark nylon fabric for a long service life.

189.- EUR (RRP incl. VAT)


Special bag holders

Every one of our TiCad trolleys (with the exception of the TiCad Star) can be supplied with bag holders for golf bags that are extraordinary. This is especially good news for golfers who own golf bags with club organisers or more sporty standing bags. Our special bag holders are available in three different heights and include a special model for a standing bag.

149.- EUR* (RRP incl. VAT)
* When buying a new trolley inclusive in exchange.


Bag type Dimensions
Standard golf bags Length 80 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Mediumsized golf bags Length 76.5 – 79 cm or 83 – 86 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Long golf bags Length 73 – 76 cm or 86.5 – 89.5 cm – measured from the top to the bottom support surface
Stand bags Optimal support surface for almost all stand bags