Our products – overview

Many thanks for your interest in our products! It not only speaks of sophisticated taste and a rare understanding of quality and value, but also of knowing what an outstanding price/performance ratio looks like in real life. This page contains an overview of our current range of electric and classic hand trolleys and matching accessories.

TiCad's product range currently contains four high-quality electric and four elegant hand trolleys. Every one of our trolleys is a unique and one-off masterpiece, crafted entirely by hand using one of the toughest and yet exceptionally lightweight materials in the world: titanium.
Our TiCad trolleys furthermore distinguish themselves through a large number of ingenious standard features such as hand-sewn leather handles, personalised engravings, transport bags and titanium wheels, as well as a wide range of optional extras and features. Our comprehensive range of accessories and growing collection of golf bags are furthermore part and parcel of what we consider typical TiCad perfection.
Our TiCad trolleys and accessories are built to last and designed to provide you with years of dependable and enjoyable service on golf courses across the world and through many an unforgettable game. Enjoy!

Electric trolleys

Electric trolleys are fantastic in that they bring a much-needed level of ease to golfing experiences and allow golfers to fully invest all of their energy into their game as opposed to into carrying, pushing or pulling their equipment (bag, clubs, balls, accessories, food & drinks). This saves a tremendous amount of energy over the course of a round of golf. Energy that you need to get the most out of your game. Because, being relaxed as you're standing at the tee, getting ready to swing, and actually being able to concentrate is precisely what is going to make the difference to your score.
And, as a side note for those who believe electric trolleys are something for the older generation – ever wondered why pros' never carry their own bag? Because preserving your energy is a sure way to sharpen your game.
TiCad currently offers four different electric trolleys, each one of which is a unique and timeless classic that will maintain its value for many years, and likely decades, to come. Investing in a TiCad electric trolley means peace of mind when it comes to ferrying all of your equipment with utmost comfort across the fairways of the world and preserving your energy and concentration for what really matters when it comes to golf: your game.

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Hand trolleys

Playing a round on an 18-hole course generally involves walking for as much as eight to ten kilometres. Considering that standard golf equipment roughly weighs in at around ten kilograms, equipment design and weight is always a major factor. Golfers who opt to carry all of their equipment themselves often find themselves struggling in particular in high temperatures, with the result that their concentration and energy levels suffer. As those go down, so does performance and the sheer pleasure of the game.
In those cases, a TiCad pull or push trolley is not only an excellent, but also a sophisticated choice, featuring uncompromising design and built to carry your golf equipment reliably for many years to come. Further, we don't just offer one, but a total of four stunning titanium golfing workhorses. Just to make sure that there is a 'right' one for everyone.

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Features & accessories

For many golfers, trolley features and accessories equate to the proverbial icing on the cake. The word 'accessory' comes from the Latin accessor, which means "helper" or "subordinate". That is, they are objects that support the given purpose of the superordinate object. When it comes to the design of the features and accessories for our electric and hand trolleys, we are meticulous about ensuring just one thing: that they are truly useful.
This is why we go well beyond just making sure that we can supply your wheels, spokes and bags in your chosen colours. Not that we take those matters – the importance of making your trolley personal – lightly, as demonstrated by the wide range of customisation options we offer, which range from name engravings to special yarn and leather handle combinations. But: our actual concern is something very different. And it has to do with providing you with solid 'helpers' that will genuinely support your golf game and are a pleasure to work with for years to come. Welcome to our accessory range! Take a look around ...

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TiCad golf bags

The golf community had to wait a long time for our first TiCad golf bag. Being a company with rather outspokenly perfectionist tendencies, it took us a while to launch a golf bag that we genuinely felt was worthy of bearing our name. Now that this has happened, we also believe that they were well worth the long wait. Today, TiCad offers a range of golf bags that, although perhaps not available in endless colour combinations as common in the golfing world, distinguish themselves through a number of refined performance features such durability, first-rate materials and workmanship. As a result, we are proud to say that we very much feel about our TiCad golf bags the way we feel about our trolleys: designed with perfection in mind.

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