The TiCad vision - Perfection

We strive to create and produce perfect golf trolleys. If you want to create a truly perfect product, it is not possible to compromise. Because wherever you compromise, you are also compromising on perfection. However, in case you hadn't thought that far: even once you have created a perfect product, its state of perfection is going to be of limited duration. That is because it is just the best that you have been capable of at a particular point in time. Claiming to produce perfect products hence requires a willingness to continually reinvent these products over and over again.

What that means? It means: TiCad refuses to rest on its laurels, awards or positive feedback from the market. Every time we enhance or review one of our trolley's designs, we take a critical look at even the most successful of technical solutions and examine it for potential drawbacks. If we didn't, we'd run the risk of overlooking potentially more perfect solutions. Every time we further perfect a trolley, it has a knock-on effect on all of the others. A surprising technical solution that makes a particular technical aspect even better still will inevitably require that we also apply it to all of our other trolleys.
Perfection isn't static, but an ongoing, evolutionary process. The reward we get for our work is the satisfaction of knowing that we are constantly setting new standards and that there are countless retailers and golfers who tremendously appreciate the products we produce.

Perfection makes the difference – across countless details!

While it may not always be obvious that something is perfect when looking at it, it is ever present and pervasive when it comes to using an object. That is because perfection is what makes the difference. When it comes to price/performance, operation, handling and functions, value retention, durability and pleasure in its use.

When we are talking about the perfection of our trolleys, we inevitably have to go into the details and finer nuances of their design. Even though each detail on its own might initially seem insignificant and minor, or perhaps even negligible, in their sum total, they elevate our products to a new level - that is, make them a class of their own. For a closer look at our current state of perfection, please visit a specialist retailer, visit us at trade fairs or tournaments!


In the following, we will be explaining some of the most distinctive and noteworthy quality features you will find on our TiCads:

Zero backlash frame couplings and secure power transmission

TiCad trolleys which are built using our plug-in principle are fitted with high-quality connecting parts with conical tops. These connectors ensure that our trolleys' frame couplings have zero backlash and that the frame parts cannot be twisted. Thanks to the chosen material combination of stainless VA + hardened stainless VA steel, they also never need to or, indeed never should be oiled. The TiCad Goldfinger's reliable power transmission system uses a centre contact and is housed inside a separate housing. Our patented firm-fix connections have been specially developed by TiCad and feature an innovative design.

Perfect speed control and hand-sewn leather handle

Nearly all of our TiCad electric trolleys are available with either a dual button or twist grip control handle (potentiometer). Both of these control systems include a memory function that ensures that your trolley will commence movement again at the speed it was previously stopped. They also feature an automatic distance control that allows you to make your trolley move ahead independently for either 10 or 20 meters. The control is fully integrated into the handle, which is finished with premium-quality leather sourced from a very special breed of Southern German cattle, and sewn by hand.

Discreetly engraved model designation and name

Because of their long service life, all of the engravings on the drawbars of our TiCad's are created with an engraving tool rather than just being etched. This makes your TiCad not only unique, but also clearly and uniquely yours.

Satin finish - a guarantee for everlasting appeal

All of our titanium trolley surfaces are not only sandblasted, but also provided with a satin-finish (with the exception of TiCad Tango). This means that, should your TiCad ever show any signs of wear, they can be easily removed and the surface restored to its original glory simply using a polishing pad. This simple way of restoring the surface is only possible on objects with extremely high-quality finishes, such as those found on our trolleys.

Bag holders that actually hold

TiCad bag holders are made of titanium instead of plain steel or plastic, making them very strong and tough. We furthermore offer a range of different bag holders for the various types of golf bags available on the market to make sure that, whatever your bag, it will be securely held. Our trolleys furthermore either feature fastening straps or our special TiCad Easy Zeising with which to securely fasten your bag.

Low-wear wheels with circular profiles without hollow areas between the rim and tyre

All of TiCad's wheels have a circular profile made of high-quality EVA foam as opposed to a rubber or PU traction profile. Further, there are no hollow areas between the rim and tyre on TiCads, which also means that there is nowhere for dirt or water to lodge.

Only a single millimetre of wheel deformation

In TiCads, the wheel will only deform by 1 mm when subjected to a load of 10 kg, which makes our trolleys extremely stable.

Removable front wheels and EVA foam tyres instead of soft plastic

The front wheels of our trolleys are not permanently mounted to the trolley, but can be easily removed thanks to their quick release fastener. Added to that, all our trolley wheels are furthermore made of high-quality EVA foam for extra efficiency.

Batteries designed to keep their charge

Some trolley descriptions claim that their batteries, when fully charged, can manage up to 45 holes. TiCad batteries could easily manage just the same number of holes. However, batteries will reach the end of their life much more quickly if they are constantly charged right up to the limit and then run until completely empty. This is why we have decided to settle on a perfect comprise between the amount of holes a TiCad battery will allow you to play on a single charge and extending its service life. Added to that comes the fact that all TiCad batteries are manufactured in Germany, and that we only purchase from manufacturers that use the highest-quality and safest cells.

Guarantees instead of warranties

If you happen to own a trolley from another manufacturer, do take a look at the guarantee terms and conditions. There is a good chance they'll turn out to be a warranty instead of a guarantee.

These two terms are often used interchangeable in everyday usage, but refer to two very different things. A warranty is a manufacturers' promise to repair or replace an article if necessary within a specified period only and only applies to defects that are already present at the time of purchase. A guarantee on the other hand is a manufacturers' promise that the product will live up to it’s expectations or you can ask for a repair or replacement. TiCad's extended manufacturers' guarantee extends far beyond the statutory warranty rights without limiting them and protects our partner retailers and end customers           

  • From ever having to prove that a defect was already present at the time of purchase
  • From finding themselves without any rights within six month of purchase because they, as the user, are suddenly having to provide proof of a defect
  • From finding themselves without support and help if they are experiencing problems. I.e. all TiCad owners can directly approach us – their TiCad's manufacturer – with any problems they might experience
  • And if you are a retailer, they protect you from making a wrong decision concerning a warranty or guarantee claim. Because a well-meaning acceptance of a claim for what appears to be a manufacturing fault can quickly turn into a kindness that you, as a retailer, are unable to request compensation for
  • From a limitation of your rights concerning defects to the period before the purchase date, because our guarantee covers all of the defects that arise over the entire guarantee period.

"Whenever we start out on something new, we always do our utmost to make it better than the old, only to find that we can do even better still next time."

Damaris Wieser, German lyricist and poet