Making People the Measure of All things.

Here at TiCad, we take great pride in putting people and our relationships with them centre stage. For us, this starts with our work of designing and developing products for people who play golf, but also when it comes to our staff and our human resource policy, our team and labour organisation, all of our services and business divisions, our corporate culture and relationships with our suppliers, retail partners, the media and our environment.

To us, people are also the measure for our products: Our trolleys are designed to meet golfers actual needs. That is, they don't just have to be able to compete in the showroom, but have to do so especially on the course and when the going gets tough. This why they are completely stripped down and only feature the essential. This applies to frills just as much as it does to functions, where the only ones we permit are ones that are truly useful, needed and used by golfers.
We put great emphasis on consistently ensuring that all of our trolleys' aspects – from weight, design, choice of materials, ergonomics, functions, ease with which they can be transported, maintenance and care requirements – are designed for maximum effectiveness and durability. That's because we want to be sure that our golf trolleys will always be a pleasure to use – and that is day after day after day.

However, making people the measure of all things has yet a deeper meaning still for TiCad. We want our staff to really enjoy creating perfect golf trolleys every day. For this reason, we strive to provide the most positive working conditions possible and to ensure that everybody is able to exercise their unique strengths and develop professionally. We also primarily see our suppliers and partners from the specialist retail sector as 'people'.

Our core corporate values are therefore also primarily based on human relationship values: Reliability, respect, understanding and honesty. We live these values because we believe that they are indispensable to creating a lasting sense of credibility, trust and loyalty, and because we have learned that there is nothing in the world that is more effective than a group of people that understand, respect and support each other.