The best of the best

First rate quality, proven innovation, select design, excellent customer service and a flawless reputation are the criteria a company has to meet in order to be admitted to the "Meisterkreis". The Meisterkreis is a highly exclusive association of high-end German luxury brands and has just over 60 members. As of the beginning of January 2016, TiCad became the first golf sports equipment manufacturer to join this top-class association.

Thanks to this membership, we will not only be able to present our customers with a wealth of new and exclusive offers, but also to fight product piracy more effectively than in the past. Amongst others, the Meisterkreis' activities including working to protect its members trademark and patent rights, and to fight plagiarism, for which the association has also launched a campaign titled "Value of the Original". This campaign is aimed at starting a debate about the protection of intellectual property and appreciation of creative work within society.

Even though a rather heavy subject, the Meisterkreis' campaign has already given rise to some very tongue-in-the-cheeck online operations, such as A perfect place perhaps where some of our competitors can offer their 'originals' should they find that Meisterkreis is no longer accepting new members.