Hand on heart.

The most basic form of manufacture is to produce something by hand. Neuroscientists have gained some interesting insights into what happens when a person creates something with his or her hands. The nerves in our hands send signals to around 70-80% of our brain cells. This is why we talk of 'grasping' things and feeling 'touched' by something.

Working with our hands not only promotes creativity, but also makes us develop a very personal relationship with the product of our work. Every team member in a manufacturing workshop adopts a particular product as 'his own', identifies with it and makes it a part of him.

If, as we do, you want to produce a perfect product, this close link between the person and the product is of great importance. Our staff are very proud of their products and feel personally responsible for them - including long after they have been sold. When you are buying a TiCad, you are not buying a mass-produced product without soul, but one to which a fair few people have deep connections with and positive feelings for.


  • "... It's this passion for creating something beautiful with your own hands that is behind TiCad's ongoing development and gives rise to the exquisite and unique premium products that we produce – that, simply 'perfect trolleys'..." CelesQue, 01.09.2017


  • "... TiCad GmbH & Co. KG has been producing "perfect trolleys" for customers with exacting standards as regards quality and design at its workshop in Altenstadt near Frankfurt in Germany since 1989. In this workshop, we have been producing our unique and perfect trolleys' by hand for the past 27 years. Their timeless and sophisticated design, superb quality and workmanship make each one of our premium golf trolley a work of art and ensure that they have an extraordinarily long service life and maintain their value for years and years to come..." Golfmaniacs, 2016