Perfection is what we strive for - and TiCad is the result.

To TiCad, perfection means building truly first-rate, exclusive golf trolleys that are of higher quality, more practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing than anything the market has to offer. TiCad's objective and motto is to strive for perfection. This ambitious goal is not only reflected in our products and associated services, but also defines all areas of our company, processes, our human resource policy, corporate culture and all of TiCad GmbH & Co. KG's relationships.

Perfection really means the state of being complete and unsurpassable in every way - something that cannot be improved. It means that something is faultless and truly complete - in the sense that there are no longer any improvements that could be made to make it any better. It also means that something is absolutely perfect and ideal for a particular purpose. Perfection is the highest level of achievement there is.
As far as we are concerned, all of those definitions easily apply to our TiCads. But even perfection isn't exempt from change and ongoing development. Hence, a detail that we may have thought perfect a year ago might suddenly have room for improvement again simply, for example, because of the availability of new technologies. That means that the perfection of each TiCan trolley is a state that is constantly being questioned and critically examined. Complacency and the desire to create perfect products don't go very well together.

Perfection comes with its own set of requirements and consequences. For TiCad, perfection is consequently also something that both precedes and extends beyond the product, and is at the root of all of our attitudes and actions. That is, we try to perfect what we do across all of our operations every single day. Hence, we only work with the highest quality raw materials and high performing suppliers. And, since we have extremely high demands when it comes to quality, our suppliers also tend to be a lot more to us than just suppliers: they are important partners for us and are part of our community of values. Because of that, we also sometimes buy important partners to prevent them from disappearing from the market.
The people working for us, the equipment used in our production facility, our operating procedures, quality controls and services also have a completely different meaning for us than they might have in other companies. We constantly and always look for ways to still further improve. This also applies to our relations with our retail partners and end customers. This is why our TiCad retail partners are not 'me-too' ones, but premium specialists with clearly defined specialisations. Everything within TiCad's operations is marked by our pursuit of perfection. This pursuit for perfection is what drives both the thought behind our business and our development and growth.