Made by hand

The term 'handmade' is currently experiencing a revival in particular because of its association with high quality, luxury goods and exclusivity. On closer inspection, few of the products advertised as being handmade are truly and predominantly made by hand, but often comprise machine-produced components that are simply assembled by hand. Quite frequently, these machine-produced components are furthermore sourced from low-wage countries, but the product nonetheless described as 'handmade in Germany'. This is why TiCad significantly stands out from other manufacturers - because our products are truly produced by hand and in Germany.

Not only that, but TiCad - which is considered a model company in the local region - actually operates two distinct artisan workshops since November 2016 dedicated to two different trades under its roof: one of these is the classic trolley production workshop established in 1989, where our titanium processing and welding experts work, and the other is a leather production workshop that has its roots in the leather manufacturer RIK founded in 1931 in Heusenstamm, Germany. RIK had been producing the exquisite hand-sewn leather handles for TiCad's trolleys for simply decades, when it reached a point where it was set on closing down, in response to which TiCad simply bought and integrated the company under its own roof to ensure its future supply of high quality leather workmanship.

  • "... Richard Kräuter, the company's owner and son of RIK's founder, says: "Our collaboration with TiCad goes back many many years and has always been marked by equality and a spirit of trust. As I'm preparing for retirement, I am extremely happy to know that our leather production business is going to become part of a company that shares our values ..." Lederwaren Report, 01.05.2017

  • "... Precision workmanship, superior materials and a love of detail - are the attributes that the golf trolley manufacturer TiCad feels it has been associated with since it was founded in 1989 ..."  Wetterauer Zeitung, 10.03.2017

  • "... TiCad has been associated with the production of genuinely handmade, premium titanium golf trolleys with a minimalist look and striking design features since its foundation in 1989..." CelesQue, 01.09.2017

  • "... No matter whether training on the driving range or playing on an 18-hole course – you couldn't be better equipped for the coming golf season than with an award-winning trolley from the premium golf trolley manufacturer TiCad® from the Hessian town of Altenstadt in Germany...", 17.03.2014

  • "... The trolleys' timeless and sophisticated design, superb quality and workmanship make each one of the premium golf trolley manufacturer's trolleys a work of art as well as ensuring that they have an extraordinarily long service life and maintain their value for years and years to come...", 2018

The "transparent factory"

Customers visiting TiCad are able to witness first hand the high level of skill and craftsmanship used in the production of our trolleys in our 'transparent factory' and are often surprised that most of our production steps are truly and meticulously performed by hand. Taht is, every one of our exclusive golf trolleys is genuinely crafted by hand and one of a kind. Our electric and standard trolleys are produced in small numbers and their production involves countless individual steps. TiCad's owner and managing director Björn Hillesheim believes it is this very attention to detail and loving workmanship that is a the root of the legendary trolleys' perfection: "Humans - that is, our staff - have ideals and passion, machines don't. If you want to create something that is perfect, you need creative visionaries with special skills who are willing to pour their passion into their work and the products they are creating.

This is the most important reason why TiCad's products are ultimately in a class of their own – extremely durable, of the highest quality throughout, superbly engineered and never lose their value. Or, as one of our members of staff once put it in a nutshell: "when considering TiCads' price / performance ratio, you quickly realise that they are truly the most cost effective trolleys on the market. And, they only come with a single drawback: you are going to have to think about whom to leave it to in your will."