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Our company has lean and flexible structures and we have a cooperative management style. Our corporate culture is marked by personal responsibility, team spirit and friendly and supportive relations. All of this is the direct result of our combined efforts to create the perfect trolley. Because that is only possible if the team of experts involved in that creation also works perfectly with one another.

TiCad underwent a quiet change in management and generation in the autumn of 2012.
Since that date, the company has been steadily and successfully directed by Björn Hillesheim, who has been adding a totally new dimension to the company's operations. Which - with his degrees in mechanical engineering and management (incl. studies completed in Pittsburgh/USA), and wealth of experience in international management and strategy development from within the industry - doesn't come as a surprise.

  • Manager Product Development at YMOS AG
  • Engineering Director at WAGON Automotive GmbH
  • Group Strategy at WAGON Automotive plc (UK)
  • Managing Director of FarHym Otomotiv (Turkey)
  • CEO of the Hymer-Leichtmetallbau Group

Management with a clear strategy

"We only live once and working time makes up a whole lot of our lives. This why it is important to enjoy what we are doing and to use our working time in ways that are meaningful and constructive."

Björn Hillesheim, owner and Managing Director of TiCad GmbH & Co. KG

TiCad has adopted a number of fundamental values that it holds very important regarding relationships within TiCad's workforce, but also in its relationships with its partners, retailers, suppliers and end customers. These values are reliability, respect, trust and honesty, and they form the basis of all of the company's relations.

"Perfect products are not just the result of putting together high quality materials and superb workmanship, but the combined efforts of the many people involved in their creation – from their development, production, marketing, sales, customer service and so forth," explains Björn Hillesheim. "This is why it is so important that everybody is proud of and takes responsibility for the product and acts in the best interests of the entire team."

However, TiCad also expects its suppliers and retail partners to take responsibility for its product. That is because they are also part of the value chain and impact on how TiCad is being perceived in the world and on the trolleys' success. "This is why our suppliers and specialist retailers are an important part of our community of values", further explains Hillesheim.

Björn Hillesheim's strategy concerning coherence in all of its relations and among its stakeholders is founded on the brand's core attribute of "A perfect trolley". This means that the products' legendary standards of perfection are also applied to all of the company's divisions and the trolley manufacturer's relations. "We can only convey our values and principles to our partners and customers by consciously living and embodying them", further explains Hillesheim.

"The term entrepreneur means 'someone who exercises initiative'!"

Björn Hillesheim, sole owner and
Managing Director of TiCad GmbH & Co. KG

"Verlässlichkeit, Respekt, Verständnis und Ehrlichkeit."

Alexander Bietz, Vertrieb, verbringt seine Freizeit gerne auf dem Golfplatz.

"Die Qualität macht den Unterschied!"

Patricia Klemm, Vertrieb, erfahrene Golferin


"Ordnung ist das halbe Leben - in der Finanzbuchhaltung das Ganze!"

Diana Straub – Leitung Controlling & Buchhaltung – behält alle Zahlen, Daten und Fakten im Blick.

"Unsere Kunden sind die beste Werbung."

Julia Emmerling, Marketing, ein TiCad Trolley ist ein liebevoll gefertigtes Produkt, an dem einige Menschen und viele positive Emotionen hängen.