Legendary titanium golf trolleys - handmade by TiCad for over a quarter of a century

The year that TiCad was developed and immediately turned into a golfer's dream: TiCad's first titanium trolley was built in a garage, already featured the typical TiCad wheel design and marked the birth of a completely new category of products - luxury-class golf trolleys.

The year a prototype of the TiCad Star was first unveiled at the Ispo 1991. The legendary trolley revolutionised the market. The fact that TiCad Star's folding mechanism is brilliantly simple and reminiscent of an office paper-clip earned it the nickname "paper clip". 1991 was also the year TiCad Pro - a trolley specially designed for holding the large touring bags used by professionals - was launched.

TiCad Star was one of the Top Ten products that were awarded the iF Hanover Product Design Award.

TiCad Pro is awarded the highly coveted iF Hanover Product Design Award.

TiCad Liberty was launched and, at just under 6 kg, became the lightest ever titanium E-trolley of its time. Its name reflects its main characteristic: It gives golfers a whole lot of freedom.

This time it was TiCad Liberty that received the prestigious iF Hanover Product Design Award, while TiCad Star was exhibited in the German Museum in Munich (July - September 1992) and the Museum of Modern Art (August - September 1993) as an "Object of Applied Art".

The company obtained copyrights for TiCad Star - the "paper clip".

2005 saw the launch of TiCad Goldfinger.

In 2006, TiCad Andante was launched and TiCad Goldfinger's ingenuity was rewarded with its first design award.

The year the new TiCad Earlybird® was unveiled for the first time at the Golf Europe. The Earlybird subsequently went on to receive its first design award later that year, while the Goldfinger received its second.

Just 12 months later, TiCad Earlybird won its second and third design awards, and TiCad Andante received its first.

In 2009, the company TiTec Golf and its brand TiCad celebrated their 20th anniversary. TiCad's trolleys continue to be produced by hand just as before, and the company continues to be dedicated to using high-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and offering first rate service to its customers.

During this period, the company saw a change in generation at the owner and management level as Björn Hillesheim took over TiCad.

In 2013, the TiCad Tango was launched and won the reddot design award. TiCad also reviewed its market position as a brand and quietly relaunched itself by updating its product images, marketing and product copy, as well as its corporate design. The company TiTech Golf was changed to TiCad GmbH & Co. KG.

This is the year that TiCad Tango - a highly successful model - was launched, including as a classic version with a satin-finish titanium surface, titanium wheels and many other innovative features.

TiCad sets yet another new benchmark with the launch of its limited edition (300 units) TiCad golf bags made of an ultra modern, 100% waterproof synthetic fabric with a natural fibre look.

TiCad develops five new waterproof golf bags in collaboration with Bennington (license holder) that had been eagerly anticipated by many customers. It also sets new standards with its air travel-optimised battery. This new lithium battery comprises two 92.2 Wh batteries housed in separate compartments and has been specially designed for carriage on planes. In 2016, TiCad also had the privilege to become the first ever golf trolley manufacturer to be admitted to the highly exclusive German Luxury Brands Association "Meisterkreis". Added to that TiCad also moved its production operations into its new production hall.

TiCad takes over and integrates its long-standing supplier, the leather manufacturer RIK, founded in 1931 in Heusenstamm, into its company. This is also the year that TiCad launches yet another trolley – TiCad Canto.

TiCad becomes the first golf trolley manufacturer to offer a trolley wit LED lights, and includes a new removable score card cover in its range of accessories.