Experience our TiCad trolleys first hand!

Nothing beats first hand experience and first impressions! This also applies to golf trolleys - albeit with a few important exceptions. The exceptions? To answer that question, we would ideally like you to compare a  TiCad trolley with a competitor model of the same age after six month of use, a year or even several years.

That is because there are a lot of golf trolleys that, when new, may look pretty sleek on the surface, but once they have clocked up a few miles, it may quickly become evident that they may not be quite as good as their looks promised. Differences in the quality of a trolley's details also only tend to show themselves over time, by which time they might also have become the more annoying.
To illustrate, we have a true story from our TiCad service department to share. That is, one day we were sent a 20-year old TiCad for a service and an overhaul. As TiCads' enter into service, they naturally acquire signs of use and their parts wear, but once they are replaced - which involves little cost - and their satin finish restored to its former glory, our 'old' trolleys tend to simply look like new again. So, once this 20-year old model had been overhauled, it was sent back to its owner. Who, several days later, ended up calling us because, as he said, there had been a mistake. And the mistake, so he explained, had been that instead of his beloved old TiCad trolley, we had accidentally sent him a brand new one. I.e. he wanted this old trolley back. The only way we could convince the trolley's owner that the trolley that we had sent him was indeed his old and trusted companion was to point out to him his trolley's serial number. Restoring a TiCads' satin finish in particular works wonders when it comes to looks, notwithstanding that all TiCads are engineered to enjoy a long service life.
On closer inspection and when taking a look at the details in particular, it quickly becomes apparent that all of our trolleys - old and new - are of superior quality. This is why we offer our customers the opportunity to experience first hand our latest and newest TiCad range models throughout the year. Hence, why not come and visit us at one of the many golf trade shows that we exhibit at and/or get a first hand experience of our trolleys on a demo-day or tournament. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing what you think - once you have taken a closer look ... because attention to detail pays off.

TiCad Defendertage 2019

TiCad on Tour – erlebt unsere Produkte hautnah und findet uns auf Golfplätzen deutschlandweit.
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