Operation 'perfection'.

TiCad started its life as garage startup, just like Apple and Microsoft did. That is, the company's founder, Ludwig Hentschel, developed and built the first titanium golf trolley in his garage in 1989. By doing so, he simultaneously created a new luxury class of golf trolleys. Since that time, TiCad has grown and become a flourishing company. Our luxury brand specializes in the production of golf trolleys from the near indestructible material titanium, coupled with German engineering and timeless classic design, as well as the production of electric and standard trolleys to customer specifications.

An internationally leading trolley brand

TiCad highly values its retail partners and while many golf trolley manufacturers often bypass theirs by selling their trolleys directly to customers, TiCad has always been dedicated to the three-tier distribution system. TiCad furthermore manufactures trolleys of near unequalled craftsmanship and produces every one of its trolleys 100% by hand in Germany. From its earliest days, TiCad trolleys have been the benchmark of what constitutes a 'perfect golf trolley' not only for countless golfers, but also for its competitors.
Our exclusive golf trolleys are manufactured by hand and involve two different production segments: classical trolley production and a leather production facility that has its roots in the leather manufacturer RIK founded in 1931 in Heusenstamm, Germany.

First-rate trolleys

Simply put, our work, aims and ethos can be summarized in the simple phrase we use as our value proposition, and that is that we aim to produce what is generally considered 'a perfect trolley'. According to our managing director and TiCad's owner Björn Hillesheim, "It's really simple: every one of our TiCads' is intended to be perfect in every way with regard to design, aesthetics, quality and function." Even though TiCad is a member of the legendary Meisterkreis and a recognized luxury-class trolley manufacturer, our managing director Björn Hillesheim believes that TiCad produces highly cost-effective products - considering their price-performance ratio! Because when properly looked after and regularly serviced by TiCad, our trolleys will not only last an entire golfer's life, but outlast them by far.

TiCad is headquartered in Altenstadt in Germany and employs over 50 highly qualified people.

How about joining us now on a trip down memory lane, for a peak at TiCad's history? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about our claim to perfection take a look at our products, our extensive range of accessories or at ourTiCad golf bags?